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All of our locksmiths at Bethesda Locksmith Services are very proficient and well trained to the topmost degree. We are an insured company so there is no worry about fraud. All of our locksmiths are constantly assessed and have worked with us for many years, so you can rest assured of a trustworthy service. Security and locks is an important business and in particular when it concerns to your residence. At Bethesda Locksmith Services, we understand the mental and monetary value of your apartment and strive to serve you. Our locksmiths do everything to be as unobtrusive as possible and we'll work around your itinerary.

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Keeping the people close to you and residence safe, is always a matter of concern.

At Bethesda Locksmith Services we offer all your lock and security solutions to ensure your family and loved ones are shielded against the menace of break in and burglary.

One of the most disturbing and dangerous crimes that can occur to a family is forced entry at home. An intruder may enter your house in order to commit all types of crimes, putting your loved ones at risk and violating your private space.

Whether you are a single person living alone or have a family, finding your house has been burgled is a highly frightening event. Forced entry is a common, everyday event and is on the rise.

There are some simple preventive measures that can be taken to ensure that you won’t be subjected to home invasion robbery: you should make sure you groom blocking bushes and hedges and trim trees and hedges.

To ensure your house is safeguarded against forced entry, we at Bethesda Locksmith Services will deliver you the most professional advice on the right solution for you including installing deadbolt locks, gate locks, and gate locks.

When you have a lockout or need a residential locksmith service such as installing different kinds of strongboxes, Bethesda Locksmith Services has locks and safety products from leading manufactures, such as Garage Door Parts, Lock Jaw, and Maxgrade as well as from almost any other brand in the US.

Residential security tips

  • Trim trees and hedges that create obstruction
  • Tidy up trees and bushes that create obstruction
  • Have an auto night light

House safeness is an important matter, and therefore at Bethesda Locksmith Services we are dedicated in providing our customers with a variety of services for any type of residence. We offer offering emergency locksmith services and providing emergency 24 Hour locksmith services along with many more locksmith services. Bethesda Locksmith Services will upgrade any type of locks from electronic to touch screen window security products and door locks. We provide you with the topmost quality choice of brand named deadbolt locks such as Constructor, Copper Creek, House of Antique, and Miseno electronic locks, just to name a few.